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Organic, vegan & co

More and more winemakers are adopting environmentally responsible methods. Discover their gems here.


  • Organic

    This category includes only certified organic wines or those in the process of conversion. The presence on the back of the bottle of the Euro-leaf (a stylised leaf with stars on a green background) guarantees that the wine complies with European regulations.

  • Biodynamic

    Biodynamic agriculture is an organic production method that takes account in particular of the lunar cycles and maintains a balance between the soil, the air and the plant. Some winemakers have their approach certified by the Demeter label (French) or the Biodyvin label (European).

  • Few/no sulfites

    Some winemakers use very low levels of sulfites, for instance during bottling only. Others use no sulphites whatsoever. This refers to ‘added sulfites’ as grapes naturally produce sulphur.


  • Vegan wines

    Although wine is a priori only fermented grape juice, it may contain by-products of animal origin. These are used during fining, an operation that aims to improve the clarity, stability and taste properties of the wine during the winemaking process. 

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