Popsss distributes exclusively wines produced by Belgian winemakers, established either in the land of Jacques Brel or elsewhere in the world. Belgians express their creative ability and know-how in a wide variety of fields, including cinema, fashion, music, cuisine, design, architecture and many others. They are also increasingly forging an international reputation by reviving winemaking in Belgium or by taking over and modernising domains abroad. It is these neo-winemakers, brimming with daring and ambition, whom Popsss hopes to encourage, promote and champion, with the aim of becoming THE reference website for Belgian winemakers at home and abroad.

During the course of countless tasting sessions and meetings, we have selected products that really stand out thanks to their intrinsic quality and their ideal value for money in terms of the pleasure they give, of course, but also thanks to the passion put into their development. Wines created “with heart and soul”, as Jaap van Rennes, the late founder of the Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen vineyard in northern Belgium, often said.

There are hosts of quality wines. Above all, Popsss favours those that bear a commitment, almost an act of faith: those of the men and women who have created them and with whom we have developed a sort of friendly partnership. This is their story

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