Signore Classic (50 cl)

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Signore Distillery

Sweet - Fruity

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Signore Distillery

There are two categories of start-ups: those that are born in a garage (for real or because a storyteller lacking creativity has planted this perfect setting) and those that materialize during a party with friends. Let's say that Signore belongs rather to the second category and that's, well, what makes the adventure very nice. This genesis is nicely summed up on their website: "We are a group of friends who enjoy the little moments of happiness and sharing in our daily lives. A few years ago, we started to create our own spirits and liqueurs in order to make our own cocktails. That's how Signore was born...".

It took a whole year of development to create the first spirit, Signore Classic, and to determine the ideal alcohol level so that the aromas of the basil can be expressed to the full in this unique blend of lime, yellow and bergamot peel. The fruit (100% organic) is sorted and peeled by hand. Like limoncello, Signore is produced by macerating the peel in alcohol - a process carried out by the VDS distillery in Aalst.

Following a "zero waste" logic, Thierry Melotte and his comrades are seeking to develop partnerships with other local players to sell their fruit juices - this is how lemon biscuits developed by the Biscuiterie Namuroise came about. They have also set up a deposit system for their bottles.

Signore Pink

This liqueur is made from lemons, blood oranges, grapefruits and raspberries.

Organic ingredients. No preservatives or artificial colouring.

Signore can be drunk on the rocks or in cocktails. Here is a suggestion for a cocktail:

* 1 shot of Signore Pink
* 4 shots of tonic
* a sprig of rosemary
* ice cubes

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Signore Classic (50 cl)

Signore Classic (50 cl)

Signore Distillery

Sweet - Fruity

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